How to control your privacy on Facebook

How to control your privacy on Facebook

How to control your privacy on Facebook

If you reached this page the question you have to be doing is:

– How to manage my safety on Facebook?

Like most others around and know you have decided to have a Facebook account, at first you thought it might be fun or perhaps you where reserved but decided to do it and now you realize that it has become something that requires a lot of responsibility. If you want to know what to do or how to maintain it to your Facebook account by following the steps here at Digital Island recommend to handle your security in your Facebook account.

The management of our information security is an issue that concerns us all, and we do not know who can see information that is personal to us and we are posting to share with a select group of people such as friends and family but our customers can see or teachers or simply unknown who might not understand our messages in the same way that we are sharing or even hurt us. So how do we take advantage of the electronic speed and share with family and relive those great moments without it falling into the hands of those who may misuse or information that can harm us.

For simplicity we present a simple scenario in which you or I can identify familiar so imagine you just take a vacation, a family reunion, you attend an important event, you have a good idea or just have something you found posting and you want to share your comments, photos, videos or audio with family, friends, acquaintances, clients or with all you know, with all your followers on Facebook. And a few minutes after you stop to ask if what you just shared is really a good idea because it may have implications that affect your privacy or security.

How to control your privacy on Facebook
How to control your privacy on Facebook


We are back to the square one to resolve the question how to control your security on Facebook?

Without doing further ado steps to control your privacy on your Facebook follow the detailed information below:

The first step in controlling your privacy is to review the security tools in the“privacy Shortcuts on Facebook”.

If you want more control handle these publishing information on Facebook be sure to check our new listings soon “Levels of privacy on Facebook”

These are the initial recommendations that we believe you should have to control what you want others to see you, and visit again to find more information about how to publish regularly care for your safety on Facebook, besides of course if you like our articles helps everyone those around you sharing these our pages.

There is also another danger more difficult to control and that is when we imagine what happens when someone else publishes information about us, and it may be something that benefits us as someone making a comment on our person or harms us to doubt our reputation or privacy, and although not unique mechanisms of Facebook because in reality are only forms of communication that exist in our society with the advantage that we can moderate somewhat if our profile by pointing to a clear reference that affects your person.

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