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    iPhone OS 4 multitask

    Apple in an official form Announces that finally will be a firmware update for the iPhone iPod touch and iPad that will support a multitasking environment. In an official event to develop the new Operating System Steve Jobs, Apple CEO announced that this option was waited and recognized that they are not the first on the party but we will do it better than none, just like we did with cut and paste.

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    From Palm to IPhone

    As a first look coming  from Palm to IPhone or IPod Touch I found great promising advantages and some missing futures.

    The first thing that I realized is that IPhone lack of the basic function of copy and paste, this is really a big disadvantage specially if you want to just, just copy and paste record or just, just if you want to track any record.

    second, what if just want to do…

  • Game Power Consumtion

    Lets give a brief analysis to the three most popular video game consoles, Like I

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